What is a TERP1E certification?

SAP is an international ERP system used by large, often multinational corporations with English as corporate language. In addition, all SAP systems are typically in English, which is why we offer you a certification in Introduction to SAP (TERP1E) in English, so you can get all terms in English and train your language skills. SAP ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is the most widely used system for administrative management among the largest companies in Denmark and worldwide.

The target group for SAP Basic Navigation (TERP1E)

The course is targeted towards those who want a basic introduction to SAP, want to work in a business that has implemented SAP, and therefore need to understand the basic concepts of SAP. After the course is completed, you can supplement your basic SAP knowledge with further specialization in Financial Accounting (TFIN50 and TFIN50) and SAP Business Intelligence (TBW4E) – you have many opportunities to improve yourself in one of the world’s most used systems.

Vil du hellere have kurset på dansk?

Du kan tage en certificering i SAP Basic Navigation på dansk, hvis du ikke er så god til engelsk. På SAP Basic Navigation på dansk får du hele 8 tilstedeværelsesdage i stedet for 4 tilstedeværelsesdage på den engelske version. Alt kursusmateriale vil være på dansk samt e-learning. Så hvis du er mest tryg ved dansk materiale og ikke så god til engelsk, er dette den rette løsning for dig.


Does SAP increase your job possibilities?


There are lots of job opportunities when you have a SAP certification. In average, there will be about 2-300 jobs within SAP.

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Planlagte kursusforløb

  • Online

    8. februar 2021

    • SAP-ONE-5633-080221-E-EN

      • Starter 8. februar 2021
      • Slutter 19. marts 2021
      • NB: Kurset er på engelsk / This course is in English
    • E-learning

      Dette kursus afvikles som ren e-learning uden tilstedeværelsesundervisning.

Vil du gerne vide mere?

Ja, tak - jeg vil gerne vide mere om SAP Basic Navigation Terp1E


The course does not require any special qualifications In order to participate in Introduction to SAP successfully. However, you have to be fluent in English as the e-learning and online support is in English. On training days, you must bring your own laptop with Windows operating system. Concerning the presence training, the teaching language will be in Danish.

Course content

SAP Basic Navigation part I and II

With the two courses, you will get a unique opportunity to obtain fundamental knowledge of SAP and improve your job prospects considerably. See how many companies that are looking for SAP candidates.

SAP Basic Navigation I will consist of

SAP Basic Navigation part I will last for three weeks. The course is a mixture of tutorial, e-learning and presence training. There will be two days of presence training, where the teaching language will be Danish. However, the instructor will be able to explain in English and Danish in order for you to understand the subject optimally.

The sessions contains:

  • Day 1: Start-up, technology etc.
  • Day 2: Financial

SAP Basic Navigation II will consist of

With SAP Basic Navigation II, you will build on your knowledge from Introduction to SAP I. You will obtain knowledge about organizational structures, master data and transactions within various disciplines in a company, such as purchasing, sales and production.

Introduction to SAP II lasts 3 weeks. There will be two days of presence training, where the teaching will be in Danish. The certification is a mixture of tutorial, e-learning and presence training. However. The instructor will be able to explain in English and Danish in order for you to understand the subject optimally.

The sessions include the following:

  • Day 1: Procurement
  • Day 2: Sales, how to move forward, round-off and evaluation


Through recorded presentations, system demonstrations, practical simulations and group lessons, you will be introduced to the following:

  1. The basic structures, organizations, master data, etc. that is used in SAP
  2. The basic business processes used within i.e.:
    • Finance
    • Controlling
    • Personnel Management
    • Procurement
    • Stock Management
    • Material planning
    • Production
    • Maintenance
    • CRM
    • Sales and distribution
    • Project Management
    • Management Tools / report tools

Your benefits

You will be able to explain the organizational structures used in the individual business processes. You can designate the most important master data, which is created in order to perform individual tasks, and you can explain the functions required to implement each task. Additionally, you will be able to identify the key relationship between the different business areas that support the individual tasks.


How you can participate in the course

Because of a high professional level, the course is offered through 'den regionale positivliste'. You must apply for the course through your job center. If you need help with the planning, please feel free to contact us, and we can help you with a training plan.

ERP Intro - SAP Introkursus 08-02-2021 (Online)19-03-2021Online
ERP Intro - SAP Introkursus 08-02-2021 (Online)26-03-2021Online
SAP Procurement, indkøbsstyring 08-02-2021 (Online)19-03-2021Online
SAP Financial Accounting 08-02-2021 (Online)19-03-2021Online
SAP Controlling med S/4HANA 08-02-2021 (Online)19-03-2021Online
SAP Order Fulfillment 08-02-2021 (Online)19-03-2021Online
SAP ABAP Programmering 08-02-2021 (Online)19-03-2021Online
SAP Basic Navigation Terp1E 08-02-2021 (Online)19-03-2021Online
SAP Management & Administration 08-02-2021 (Online)19-03-2021Online
ERP Intro - SAP Introkursus 15-02-2021 (Online)26-03-2021Online
ERP Intro - SAP Introkursus 12-04-2021 (Odense)26-05-2021Odense

Reservér en plads på KURSUS

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Afhængigt af din situation skal vi også bruge oplysninger om dit Jobcenter (hvis du er ledig) eller din arbejdsplads (hvis du er i job).

Vi behandler dine oplysninger forsvarligt og fortroligt, men gør opmærksom på, at vi har i nogle tilfælde har brug for at kunne dele dem med andre. Det kan være en jobkonsulent, som skal bevilge kurset; det kan være den samarbejdspartner, som står for afholdelsen af kurset; eller det kan være underviseren på kurset.

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Hvilken beskrivelse passer på dig?

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      Du kan fortsætte til næste side.

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