How to apply for a course?

In general, which course you are eligible for depends on your level of education:

  • Are you unskilled or do you have a shorter education?

    Then you may be entitled to jobrettet uddannelse (which roughly translate to job-oriented training).

  • If you have a higher level of education (BA and above), you can also attend a course.

    However, you must apply for the course through your local job centre. It can be advantageous to choose a course from the regional positive list. Links below this paragraph.

  • It is also possible to attend the course as a self-payer.

    If, for example, you've lost your job, it is not unusual for your former workplace to pay for the course. Of course, you also have the option to pay yourself.
Thanks so much for this valuable training. I really enjoyed it and I feel much better prepared to advance in my professional career. Highly recommended to those who look for new endeavour.
Esther, kursist på SAP Basic Navigation, TERP1E


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App-udvikling med Xamarin 24-06-2024 (Online)02-08-2024Online
Python Programmering 24-06-2024 (Online)02-08-2024Online
SAP Sales, SD 24-06-2024 (Online)02-08-2024Online
Videregående IT netværk 24-06-2024 (Online)02-08-2024Online
Videregående Linux 24-06-2024 (Online)02-08-2024Online
Webudvikling for begyndere 24-06-2024 (Online)02-08-2024Online
SAP ABAP Programmering 24-06-2024 (Online)02-08-2024Online
Oracle Java SE 8 Programming 24-06-2024 (Online)02-08-2024Online
SAP Business Intelligence 24-06-2024 (Online)02-08-2024Online
SAP Controlling med S/4HANA 24-06-2024 (Online)02-08-2024Online
SAP Financial Accounting 24-06-2024 (Online)02-08-2024Online
SAP Management & Administration 24-06-2024 (Online)02-08-2024Online
SAP Procurement, indkøbsstyring 24-06-2024 (Online)02-08-2024Online
SAP Basic Navigation TS410 24-06-2024 (Online)02-08-2024Online
Microsoft Azure Associate 24-06-2024 (Online)02-08-2024Online
Videregående IT 24-06-2024 (Online)02-08-2024Online
MCSD, App Builder 24-06-2024 (Online)02-08-2024Online
Cisco CCNP 24-06-2024 (Online)02-08-2024Online
IT Sikkerhedskursus 24-06-2024 (Online)02-08-2024Online
Cisco CCNA 24-06-2024 (Online)02-08-2024Online
IT supporter: Microsoft 365 Endpoint Administrator 24-06-2024 (Online)02-08-2024Online
C# programmering 24-06-2024 (Online)02-08-2024Online
CompTIA Secure Cloud Professional 24-06-2024 (Online)02-08-2024Online
SAP Management & Administration 08-07-2024 (Online)16-08-2024Online
C# programmering 08-07-2024 (Online)16-08-2024Online
SAP Basic Navigation TS410 08-07-2024 (Online)16-08-2024Online
SAP Financial Accounting 08-07-2024 (Online)16-08-2024Online
Cisco CCNA 08-07-2024 (Online)16-08-2024Online
SAP Controlling med S/4HANA 08-07-2024 (Online)16-08-2024Online
App-udvikling med Xamarin 08-07-2024 (Online)16-08-2024Online
SAP Procurement, indkøbsstyring 08-07-2024 (Online)16-08-2024Online
SAP Business Intelligence 08-07-2024 (Online)16-08-2024Online
Cisco CCNP 08-07-2024 (Online)16-08-2024Online
CompTIA Secure Cloud Professional 08-07-2024 (Online)16-08-2024Online
MCSD, App Builder 08-07-2024 (Online)16-08-2024Online
SAP ABAP Programmering 08-07-2024 (Online)16-08-2024Online
Webudvikling for begyndere 08-07-2024 (Online)16-08-2024Online
Videregående Linux 08-07-2024 (Online)16-08-2024Online
Videregående IT netværk 08-07-2024 (Online)16-08-2024Online
IT Sikkerhedskursus 08-07-2024 (Online)16-08-2024Online
Videregående IT 08-07-2024 (Online)16-08-2024Online
Python Programmering 08-07-2024 (Online)16-08-2024Online
Oracle Java SE 8 Programming 08-07-2024 (Online)16-08-2024Online
IT supporter: Microsoft 365 Endpoint Administrator 08-07-2024 (Online)16-08-2024Online
Microsoft Azure Associate 08-07-2024 (Online)16-08-2024Online
SAP Sales, SD 08-07-2024 (Online)16-08-2024Online